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Maine Coon Blogs

Maine Coon Colors


Maine Coon Cats have over 60 recognised colours, there are a number of main colours which are then broken down in to many different sub colours.

The Maine Coon Colours recognised by most fanciers and breeders clubs are;
Tabbies - swirls of pattern on the body
Mackeral tabby - swirls of pattern on the body with silver tone
Solid - a cat of one single colour
Tortoiseshell - Patches and shades of colours
Smokes - Same as a solid except with a different colour undercoat
Shaded - prominant undercoat that dominates the top coat
Bi colour - Has one colour from above but has dominant areas of white eg, legs or tummy
Parti colour - Has two colours from above but has dominant areas of white

Whatever colour of Maine Coon Cat you are lucky enought to own they are all incredibly beautiful.

Food and Water Bowl XXV - San Diego


The San Diego Cat Show has been voted as one of the top things to do in the San Diego area by The 2017 show, known as the Food and Water Bowl XXV, is scheduled for January 28th and 29th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The hours for the show on Saturday are 10am - 5pm and on Sunday the hours are from 9am - 5pm. Admission is only $9 for adults and $7 for seniors, military and children ages 6 and over. Those children under the age of 6 get in free with paid adult admission. One important note is that tickets are only available at the door and they accept cash only. Tickets to the show:

The San Diego Cat Show showcases up to 450 exotic cats including 41 pedigree breeds. Also at this show, the cat lover can observe top show cats in all their glory and witness the agility that only cats can have. If adding a new cat to the family is an interest to a patron, there are both pedigree kittens for sale, as well as cat rescue adoptions.

Another highlight of this show includes a Free Stuffed Animal Contest. This happens daily for kids 12 and under. Have children bring their most prized stuffed animal and they will win a ribbon.

Also, there will be educational seminars where show goers can hear about the basic characteristics of all cats, breed history and personality traits. Also on hand will be cat experts who will reveal grooming tips for show cats or household pets and help visitors better understand and appreciate everything about cats.

If that isn't enough to get the cat lover interested, there are also exhibitors there where you can purchase items and have the opportunity to view unique cats close up.

Cat owners can also enter their non-pedigreed cats that have been spayed or neutered in the Household Pet Class, where non show cats can have an opportunity to shine.

This superb show is organized by the San Diego Cat Fanciers, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization devoted to the welfare of cats. The San Diego Cat Show has a large portion of net proceeds going to the benefit of cats. Those people who are part of this organization and show, donate their time, talent and skills. They also have no paid officers, directors or employees. This volunteer thought process ensures that most of their proceeds go dirtectly to the benefits of the cats.

Most recently the San Diego Cat Show has provided cash grants for many individual projects within the community such as remodeling the kitten adoption room at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, rebuilding the surgical suite at Friends of Cats, a new roof for the National Cat Protection Society shelter, the "Save Our Strays" national tour, and providing an industrial size autoclave and other medical supplies to the Feral Cat Coalition.

Proceeds from the San Diego Cat Show also has provided direct cash funding to the following organizations:

  • UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program

  • The Winn Feline Foundation, for feline health studies

  • PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), which makes care available to the pets of AIDS and elderly patients.

  • Pet Assistance Foundation

  • San Diego Humane Society

  • Scholarships and grants at the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Scholarships and grants at the Veterinary Medicine School at Ohio State University

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