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How do I reserve a kitten?  Do you have a waiting list?  


Please see our available kittens page if you see one that says "Available" under its name feel free to email us and inquire about said kitten. If you don't see one you want feel free to sign up for our waitlist letting us know your preference of sex and color. Wait times depending on how many litters we have can be 0-6 months and for certain colors 9 months to a year. If you would like to place a deposit to secure a future pick we are now taking pick deposits again! We announce litters at eight weeks of age and subsequently post their info on the "Available Kittens" page. We will send out email blasts of what we have available and they are one a first come basis. Payment is due in full upon pick up (cash only-no checks) Please be aware when inquiring on any kitten posted as "Available", we are often times replying to other inquiries on the same kitten. Kittens are sold on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a kitten. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive on a daily basis, it is best and for quickest response to get a hold of me via text message.


How much do your kittens cost? What is included with that price?


Our kittens are sold as family "pets" without breeding rights for $3,000 for standard. Polydactyls are $3,500. Dual polys, blue eyes, odd eyes, and rare specialty colors such as merl are $4,000-$5,000 and shaded can go for $7,000-$10,000. A signed Purchase Agreement is required on each kitten sold. We do not sell breeding rights we are pet only. Are kittens are Full European, meaning me imported all of our adult cats and had them hand delivered in cabin by a courier! All of our adult cats or their lines have been screened for FLV/FIV and HCM, we are beginning to screen for SMA/PKD/PKdef. Your kitten will come with a one year genetic health guarantee, vet checked, spayed/neutered, shots, dewormer, and a goodie bag. If you were to do all of these tests and vet appointments plus have a kitten hand delivered from Europe you would be spending over $3,500 on that kitten.


Do you DNA test your cats for HCM? Do you offer a Health Guarantee? 


Our breeding cats are either DNA tested for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCMMYBPC3 Mutation) by the University of California, Davis or have come from lines that have tested negative.We guarantee our kittens have not been exposed to Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS, are FeLV and FIV negative at the time of purchase and come with a limited 1 year Genetic Health Warranty. A 48 hr testing restriction applies when a kitten leaves our home and enters yours, in order for this warranty to be valid. We e-mail the Health Warranty/Purchase Agreement/Contract for Buyers to read prior to placing their deposit.


Do you ship kittens?


Yes we do ship kittens but only by courier. We refuse to ship cargo!!! Due to USDA regulations regarding the sale/purchase of pets, sight unseen you must have some form of video chat or Facetime where by giving us your approval of purchase of said kitten. The date and time of video chat is noted on your signed Agreement with us.


How old is the kitten when it is weaned and can be picked up?


Typically, kittens begin to eat baby cat wet and dry food around 4wks of age in addition to nursing. The mommy kitty weans her kittens around 6 weeks of age. We leave this entirely up to her and she decides when it is time. Kittens are ready to go to their forever homes after they have received their shots of core vaccinations, deworming, and have recovered from their spayed/neutered at around 11wks of age. 

Why do some breeders keep their kittens until they are 12 weeks of age?

The window of socialization only lasts from 2 to 7 weeks of age. The following quote is from Robert Tabor’s Cat Behavior: A complete guide to understanding how your cat works: “Eileen Karsh established that the window of the sensitive period for habituating kittens to people is from two weeks to seven weeks. Cats handled regularly during this time were prepared, when older, to stay on someone’s lap longer and approach people more readily. Cats that were handled after this period, that is from weaning onwards, behaved no differently from cats that had not been handled at all. Our kittens are handled extensively from birth until they leave us.  The reason why some breeders do not allow their kittens to leave until 12 weeks of age is not due to socialization. It is because 10 wks is the minimum age a vet performs a spay or neuter. Good breeders ensure their kitten has been "fixed" before they leave their cattery, therefore controlling their bloodlines and preventing any buyer from "backyard breeding".

Does our kitten come to us having already been spayed/neutered? Do I get my kitten's registration papers? Do I get to name my kitten or does my kitten keep the name you call them?


Our kittens will be altered before leaving our facility. You will receive copies of the parent's papers if you would like them. We do not register pet kittens. We like to keep the number of kittens we register down to a minimum unless they are for breeding. You are allowed to chose the name of your kitten.

What are the advantages of purchasing 2 kittens together?


You double your love and fun. Maine Coons trill back and forth to find each other in the home and this is pretty unique....but you need 2 of them for this to take place!  Maine Coons are smart and grow bored when they are left alone while their family is away at work. They will also assist in grooming each other. 


What do you recommend we do, when introducing our new kitten into our home?


The day you bring your new kitten to their new home, it's best to keep the kitten in one room of the house where they have immediate access to their carrier/crate (safe place), litterbox, food, treats and water. Food and water bowls should be spaced as far from the litter box as possible, to prevent cross contamination. Choose a quiet room in your house where your kitten will feel most comfortable; smaller rooms, such as a guest bathroom or pantry are the best so they will feel safe. Show your kitten the litter box by placing them in it. This is typically all it takes to familarize them to use their litter box in a new surrounding. After a few hours they should be ready to explore their new home. Please get in the habit of leaving the toilet lids closed as long as you are living with a cat; drinking from the toilet is discouraged (bacteria). 


If introducing to other pets let them sniff each other or hear each other under a closed door for several days before you supervise an introduction. Maine Coons tend to be okay with other animals quickly. Cats can take several days to a week to be okay with each other. We introduce all our kittens to our other animals in the house at about five weeks so they get accustom to meeting new animals routinely.


Are kittens already litter-box trained?


We keep our litterboxes clean which encourages use of them by our cats/kittens. Kittens are taught to start using litter boxes by their mommy cat's example, at 4 wks of age and your kitten is well trained, by the time they leave at 11-12wks of age.


Will the kitten already have it's vaccinations and preventive dewormings?


Vaccinations and dewormings are standard practice. Kittens receive a half round of core vaccinations at 6 wks and one full at 10 wks age before leaving. The third vaccination will be due at 14-16 wks for a total of three core vaccinations which new owner must take care of. Thereafter, only 1 core vaccination is due at one year of age. Kittens do not receive the Leukemia vaccine since our cats and kittens are not allowed to roam outdoors around other cats. Once a Leukemia vaccine is administered, a kitten will test positive for Leukemia antibodies thereafter. Also, we do not administer the FIP vaccine, since research has shown it can cause FIP. We give diatomaceous earth to all our cats and kittens as a natural form of deworming and put some around their necks as flea preventative. Fenbendazole is also given if necessary. 


Will the kitten's eyes remain blue?


Maine Coons have blue eyes when they are baby kittens. Gradually, their eyes change color to shades of green, gold or copper (orange) as they mature. Their eyes are typically at their permanent color by the time they reach 4 months of age. White cats can retain the blue eye color into adulthood.


What kind of personality do Maine Coon cats have?


Maine Coons typically have dog-like personalities. They will follow us all over the house and LOVE to play fetch until they pant! They will sit on their back paws and beg for treats. Once you have owned a Maine Coon, there is no comparison....we hear this from Maine Coon owners all the time. Cat experts say their popularity is due to their dog-like antics, intelligence, hardy disposition, their love and loyalty to their human family, and most notibly the breed's large size. Maine Coons get along GREAT with dogs....our male Corgi can be hyper at times, but our Maine Coons don't seem to think this is unusual. We think it helps them become tolerant and gets them acclimated for other dogs present at their new, forever homes. Even as mature cats, Maine Coons are playful; males tend to stay goofy like a teenager, and they have an affinity to water....I get out of the shower and I have an audience...they will be waiting to jump in and play with the water droplets. They are so much fun!


How big do Maine Coons get?


A 5 yr old male Maine Coon cat, named Stewie, broke the Guinness World record of being the longest domestic cat, measuring in at four feet long! Stewie’s owner, Robin Henderson from Reno, Nevada, said she decided to enter him into the Guinness World record after hearing so many remarks on his length. The average household cat usually spans around 18 inches.The cat coming in at 2nd place was also a Maine Coon. Maine Coon males on average weigh between 15-22 pounds and females average between 10-15 pounds. Maine Coon kittens reach "maturity" at around 18 months and reach their full "type" around 5 years of age. The females are somewhat smaller and slower to mature than the males.  Maine Coons never actually grow up, (they pretty much remain like they were as a kitten)....they just get larger! We cannot predict how large your kitten will be when fully mature. The parents are a good guide to go by, with genetics playing a large role, as well as the care and proper nutrition your kitten receives while maturing.


What colors do your cats produce?


We concentrate on the most popular and requested colors; Brown Classic, Silvers, Blues, and Torties. 

Do you offer retired cats for sale at a discounted price? 


In our efforts to continue to improve our Maine Coons, we typically retire our females by 5 years of age. By that time, we have selectively chosen the best of the best (best personality, breed standard, conformation and substantial size) to carry on their parent's bloodlines. Retired cats are spayed/neutered before being placed into pet homes. Registration papers are always transferred/registered in the new owner's name, by us at the time of sale. Our retired female cats start at $1,500 and males are always $3,000.


Once you have owned a Maine Coon you will never be able to go back to a standard breed. Prestigious Purr - Cats That Act Like Dogs!


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