Maine Coon Testimonials

Patti Hood

June 14, 2015

We have a wonderful ten-month-old coon that is AMAZING, healthy, sweet, the BEST! Prestigious Purr is the best place to get a Maine Coon from as far as I am concerned! 

Vera Yang  

December 9th, 2015

I am really happy with my 4 mo old baby from Prestigious Purr. He is cute, lovely, friendly and big. Great communication with Bethanie before the litter arrived and after I have my baby. When I am ready for another Maine Coon, she will be the first person to call. (Update Vera bought a second American Maine Coon from us in 2017)

Megan Kane Sims 

November 9th, 2016

I have a four month old Maine Coon kitten from Prestigious Purr and I couldn't be happier...he has had zero health or behaviour issues, he loves people and my older kitten, and he is sweet and cuddly and smart. I visited the cattery before reserving him and it was clean and the adults and other kittens looked very happy.

Elley Klausbruckner 

June 9, 2016

I haven't bought a Maine Coon from Prestigious Purr yet. However I have been in communications with her and she extremely responsive and very kind. I can't wait until her new litter is introduced. Her Bengal and Maine Coon litters are so pretty!

Erin McClellan Bobrowski 

August 31st, 2016

We have 2 cats from this Breeder and she is wonderful to work with. She takes great care of the animals, fully vaccinates them, is a pleasure to work with and visit. We love our MaineCoon and Bengal we got from her and highly recommend her if you are looking for one (or several) of these beautiful and well mannered animals. They have become an amazing part of our family and our kids adore them!

Jessica Ann Bianco 

January 23, 2017

We picked up our sweet Maine Coon boy just over a month ago and we couldn't have asked for a better breeder. From the day of deposit to the day we picked him up, Beth was nothing but helpful and engaging. She sent us growth updates and vaccine info as it was happening. This really helped us to bond with him before getting to meet him. Since we have had him we have no complaints other than his cuteness makes it hard to leave the house. Thank you again Beth for giving our Mushy a little brother.

Mark & Jaimee Beach 

April 27, 2017

Prestigious Purr is amazing! I would recommend them (and do) to any, and every person interested in Maine Coon Cats. Bethanie was extremely professional, highly educated, and even became our good friend. My wife and I have had our all white Maine Coon "Raiden" for just over a year now. He has never been sick, comes from a great blood line, and has an amazing personality, and we have Prestigious Purr to thank!

Kathy Goddard Naylor 

September 14th, 2017

We have two beautiful, healthy, loving cats from Prestigious Purr. When we were looking for our first baby we had never gone with a breeder before so we had lots of questions. Bethany was always responsive and kind and took great care of our babies. We were 100% happy and hope that if we ever get another baby in the future that she is still around.

Brooke Lynn

May 21st, 2018

I've always wanted a Maine Coon for as long as I can remember. Found Bethanie on Facebook and coincidentally some friends got a cat from her. Percy has been home for 2 days. He is healthy happy and completely potty trained! I love him so much already. Would recommend 100%!

Mary Mckee

June 3rd, 2018

My Husband picked up Pearl from Prestigious Purr on Wednesday and flew back with her to the Bay Area. She was prefect on the flight and drive home as well. Outgoing, cuddly, and litter box prefect settling in at our home. Introduction and acceptance by our other animals was seamless and immediate. After three days, she has free run of our home. This is a beautifully bred well socialized kitten and we love her more than anything! You can't go wrong with a kitten from Beth. She does all the right testing on her lines and it's obvious she loves the kittens that she breeds. We are beyond happy!

Ric Moore

July 22nd, 2018

A year ago I got a female Maine Coon from Bethanie and she has turned out to be the sweetest girl, very social, good natured and playful. I kept in touch over the last year and had an opportunity to get a full european male brown classic. He has the biggest ears to go along with his big personality. Both of then are from the same father, Theo, and they are getting along great as big sister and little brother. I’m so glad I found Bethanie, her breading line is top notch and she’s producing really great looking cats that have the personalities I was looking for in a companion pet. Highly recommended.

Nicole Li

August 10th, 2018

My uncle and I bought a silver tabby Maine coon boy about three weeks ago. We are absolutely THRILLED by how lovely this cat is. He is sweet, playful, healthy, and beautiful. We literally couldn’t be happier! Highly, highly, highly recommended. We will likely seek another cat in the future, and this is where we will be looking. Thanks you for breeding such lovely cats, this really brought lots of joy into the house!

Mark Stiegemeyer

December 12th, 2018

We picked up our kitten a couple of days ago and she's already taking charge of our home. Such a joy with her head butts and demands for our attention. Thanks Bethanie for giving our Beatrice such a great start. The Queen Bea' will be a great addition to our family!

Denise Clark

May 15th, 2019

I adopted Freya from Bethany about 4 months ago. She is the sweetest, most beautiful elegant kitty. We just love her! Highly recommend Bethanie and her kitties!

Ellen Sexton McClellan

July 31st, 2019

I picked up our Prestigious Purr little man in May, 2019. Mr. Norris just had his 5 month check up and is 8.8 pounds of healthy. We could not be happier with this guy. From beginning to end Bethanie was a pleasure to work with, and would recommend her cattery to others.

Nancy Cohen

August 2nd, 2019

Hi Bethanie, I just wanted to give you feedback about my kitten Fergie - now

named Novia. She is absolutely adorable and the sweetest most social and affectionate kitten I've ever had. She gets along great with my 15 year old female cat who has gotten more lively since I brought Novia home. I'm so happy with this kitten. She is very special and a great addition to my life! I will keep in touch after Alice passes I will want to purchase another kitten for me and Novia. Thanks for breeding such beautiful cats!

Marissa Fireman

August 8th, 2019

Hi Bethanie, this kitten is AMAZING! He has the most awesome disposition! My son is so in LOVE! We all are! Thanks again!